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Covid-19 - Indonesia extends border closure for foreigners

Covid-19 IndonesiaIndonesia still closes its border due to the COVID-19/Corona Virus pandemic. Foreigners are not allowed to enter Indonesia except they are KITAS or KITAP visa holders or apply for a B211 business visa in advance. Indonesian citizens and top foreign officials are excluded from this arrival ban. It seems that the border closure will continue to be extended on a bi-weekly basis depending on the Corona situation in the country. Travelers arriving at Jakarta airport have to undergo a five-day quarantine in selected hotels of their choice and have to make twice a PCR test.

Beside the Indonesia border closure there are some new restrictions on public activities in Bali and Java and in the worst COVID-19 affected cities:

- Everybody has to wear a mask 
- Clubs, Discotheques, restaurants and malls have to close at 10 pm
- No private parties are allowed to protect from COVID-19
- No public bigger events are allowed in Indonesia
- No big gatherings. COVID-19 could be spread
- Indonesian Universities and schools are closed
- Travelers who travel by planes, ferries or boats within Indonesia need a negative PCR or COVID-19 Rapid Antigen test not older than 1 x 24 to 3 x 24 hours (depending on the regions and type of transportation)
- workers are advised to work from home instead in the office
- in case foreigners get a positiv COVID-19 result, they have to go into quarantaine for 14 days on their own expanses. 

When Indonesia bordure closure and registrictions will be lifted depends on the amount of COVID-19 infected people. 

Check-out our Wae Rebo Hiking Tour. Maybe you are interested to come to Flores after the Pandemic is over. We are more than happy to guide you to this unique traditional village high up in the mountais of the Manggaraian Hill Country.  Wae Rebo still keeps its doors open and welcomes all guests from all over the world. 

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