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car rental Flores - Suzuki APV

Car rental is very popular to get around Flores. However car rentals for self driving is still rare. In most cases it is mandatory to charter a car with driver. In our opinion this makes more sence as it is really difficult driving on roads of Flores and one doesn't get lost due to lack of signs. One way rental is possible as well. 


Car Rental in Flores
Rental Stations Flores 

There are two to eight passenger cars available as well as 10 to 29 seater busses. Rental car fees  for an air conditioned car with driver and petrol starts from 900.000 IDR to 1.600.000 IDR per day depending on the season, daily driving distance, car size and age and whether the drivers are able to speak english or not. Most drivers here in Flores are not able to communicate with foreigners. We recommend to take an additional english speaking tour guide unless you are well prepared by yourself for the tour. In case you decide the cheaper version with an indonesian speaking driver then you are not anymore flexible during your tour. To avoid any misunderstandings the driver has to follow strictly his given itinerary and time schedule.

Reserve a car now in Flores!

Car Rental Stations in Flores

rental station FloresActually there are not yet any public car rental stations on Flores. Just ask a travel agency to arrange a rental car for you. They often work together with loyal drivers. If you ask drivers in the street who wait for customers, you never know what you get. 




People often ask:
Why car rentals or car charters with driver in Flores are more expensive compared to Bali? 

There are several reasons:
  • The investment in cars and their maintenance is much more expensive in Flores.
  • If you want your car gets a good professional service you have to bring it to Bali or Surabaya. And one should do this at least every 50,000 km as the workshops on Flores are not yet very professional and not well equipped.
  • Original spare parts have to be flown in from Bali or Java.
  • The bad road conditions and the heavy load of the cars in the mountains shortens their useful life drastically.
  • Tires have to be replaced every 7,000,000 km and brake blocks almost every 3,500,000 km due to massive wear out.
  • As Flores is very mountainous, the gas mileage is more than twice as high as on roads in good condition and in flat areas.

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