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  • Overview

Speed Boat Dragon Cruise - shared

spead boat tour komodo padar

A one day cruise by speed boat
(shared boat - a tour to join for everybody )

A very adventurous experience is a one day tour by a speed boat to the Komodo National Park. Stunning sceneries with opportunities to snorkel, to hike, to watch wildlife and of course to spot the Komodo Dragons. Some of the bests coral reefs and tropical marine life the National Park has to offer are waiting for you. You will visit Padar Island, Komodo  or Rinca, Long Pink Beach, Manta Point, Taka Makassar and the coral reefs in front of Kanawa Island. On this tour you join with other guests.

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Rinca Island Dragon Tour

komodo dragon rinca

One day private cruise 
hiking/snorkeling/sun bathing 

On this private tour you explore the Rinca Island part of the Komodo National Park. On a local boat you sail about two hours to Rinca, hike on the Rinca trail for one to two hours to see the Komodo Dragons and all other wild animals. Afterwards you go to several wonderful snorkeling sites before you head back to Labuan Bajo.

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Cunca Wulang Canyon Hike

cunca wulang floresThe Cunca Wulang Canyon is a rocky creek with some high cascades and waterholes in a small valley surrounded by a rain forest about 30 km (a 60 minutes drive) east of Labuan Bajo. From the village Wersawe where we park our car it is still approximately a sixty minute walk through farmlands with paddy fields, vanilla, coffee, candle nut and cacao.

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Komodo National Park Expedition

flores komodo expeditionA two day private liveaboard cruise

A very exotic, tropical experience is a two day liveaboard cruise on a buginese boat. During our cruise we sleep and eat on the boat while the boat stops at one of the best attractions the park has to offer: We are going to visit Komodo Island, hiking to watch the dragons, Kalong Island to watch the bats, Padar with its breathtaking view, Pink Beach and Manta Point to swim together with huge Manta Rays.

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Wae Rebo Traditional Village

Wae Rebo Traditional Village Flores2 or 3 Days / 1 or 2 Nights
sightseeing/hiking - all inclusive

Wae Rebo is the last remaining traditional Manggaraian ethnic village where still traditional houses exists and where people still live like their ancestors thousands of years ago. You can choose between a two day or three day tour starting from Labuan Bajo. You stay in one of the traditional houses among the local people.


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Flores in a Hurry

kelimutu ri 400
3 Days / 2 Nights

private tour - guide - car - accommodation only

A three day overland tour to the Spiderweb Rice Fields and Ruteng, to Bajawa with its Megalith-Village Bena and to the Three Crater Lakes of Mt. Kelimutu. The final destination is Ende. The tour is designed for sightseeing travellers who have not much time anymore to explore all the Highlights of Flores. We will see the most important and most interesting highlights of Flores on this tour.  

 Starting point is Labuan Bajo. 

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News Flash Komodo and Flores

  • New Komodo National Park fees for 2023

    23 June 2023-4967 hit(s)
    Finally and unexpected new Komodo National Park fees for 2023 are published by the central government: Fees have increased drastically, affecting families in particular. The new fees became officially...
  • Komodo National Park fees increase in...

    03 August 2022-1688 hit(s)
    Update: As on August 3rd 2022 the Indonesian government has revoked the increase of the Komodo Ntional Park fees. All will remain the same as beore August 2022. ----     not valid anymore     --------- The Ko...
  • Rinca Island in the Komodo National Pa...

    19 June 2021-5244 hit(s)
    Sad news reached us today for all Komodo National Park visitor who wants to go to Rinca Island. Rinca Island will be closed until July 2021 due to current constructions. All other islands can still be...