Flights and Airports in Flores

airport labuan bajoFlores can be reached either from Jakarta (CGK), Bali (DPS), Makassar (UJP), Surabaya (SUB), Lombok (LOB) or from Kupang (KOE) in West-Timur by plane. There are daily direct flight

There are not yet international airports on Flores. At the moment only small airplanes, about 50 to 80 seaters can land on the airports in Flores. The landing strips are still too short for bigger aircrafts. Maumere and Labuan Bajo got new modern airports in 2015. In the near future bigger jets with more passenger capacities will be able to land on these two airports as well.


 Makassar in South-Sulawesi (UJP) can only be reached from Maumere by flight. Labuan Bajo is still not directly connected to Sulawesi by flight.

To Labuan Bajo Komodo Airport (LBJ) from:

Bali (DPS): Garuda Indonesia, Lion/Wings Air, Sriwijaya/Nam Air
Lombok: Lion/Wings Air
Jakarta (CGK): Garuda Indonesia, Batik Air
Kupang (KOE): Lion/Wings Air
Surabaya (SUB): Batik Air

To Maumere (MOF) from:

Bali (DPS): Sriwijaya/Nam Air, Lion/Wings Air
Kupang (KOE): Lion/Wings Air
Labuan Bajo (LBJ): Lion/Wings Air
Makassar (UPG): Lion/Wings Air

To Ende (ENE) from:
Bali (DPS): Garuda Indonesia, Lion/Wings Air
Kupang (KOE): Lion/Wings Air

To Bajawa from: 
Bali (DPS) to Bajawa: Lion/Wings Air
Labuan Bajo (LBJ): Lion/Wings Air

Pease note that there are often short noticed flight schedule changes and very often delays. In January and February some airlines might not operate.

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