Hotel Standards in Flores

hotel floresAs Flores and Komodo were still an insider tip at the turn of the century, the infrastructure and hotel situation was still very modest. It was only at the beginning of the second half of the second decade, with the increase in visitors, that more and more investors discovered Flores and Komodo and rapid development began. In the meantime, at least Labuan Bajo has a variety of accommodations, from cranky backpacker dormetries to world-class hotels. 

Flores is still a remote island and cannot be compared with Bali´s extravagant hotel scene.
At the countryside and in small cities you only can find indonesian styled home stays, guest houses or rooms in a monastery with basic facilities. Usually the hotels have no air condition and provide no blankets in lower altitude areas. Only in Labuan Bajo you have the choice between upper, middle and standard class hotels as well as between basic boarding houses, guest houses and bungalow resorts. Normally the bathrooms and toilets in the basic accommodation are far from that what you can expect in western countries or in Bali. Bedlinen are sometimes not very clean as all over in Flores at budget hotels and guest houses due to poor washing conditions. In some regions you have no choice to find a better hotel. You either can bring your own sleeping bag or you have to except the level of cleanliness of bedlinen.

In Maumere downtown there are not enough hotel accommodation and it is advisable to book hotels in advance during all seasons if you don´t want to relocate to the farther resorts Sea World Club, Coconut Garden, Budi Sun or Ankermi to name only some of them.

If you look for something special, we reccommend the Anjo Maumere Hotel. It is a new, small and cosy hotel of one of our close Maumere friends build in a greece style on the road Jl. Maumere - Magepanda (west  of Maumere). You can find a description and photos on Google Maps Anjo Maumere Hotel.  

In Moni/Kelimutu it is also recommended to book a room in advance during high season from June to mid of October because of lack of accommodation. In Moni you can find only one better bungalow resort. All other accommodations are basic guest- or boardinghouses where it is recommended to bring your own warm blanket because it is really cold there in the night and the provided blankets don't warm very well. But we are sure you will enjoy the magic atmosphere of this tiny village with it´s guests of all ages and backgrounds from all over the world. 

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