Sightseeing Tours in Flores

Flores at a Glance

Guronsina Flores7 Days / 6 Nights
private tour - all inclusive

A seven day sightseeing tour to the Komodo National Park and across Flores. We visit the Island of Rinca with its huge Komodo Dragons. We explore the underwater world with its beautiful corals and colourful fish. During the overland tour we visit the Spiderweb Rice Fields, the monestery city of Ruteng, the monuntain town Bajawa, some traditional Megalith-Villages, the Three Crater Lakes of Mt. Kelimutu and finally Maumere in the east of Flores. Starting point is Labuan Bajo. 


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Flores in a Hurry

kelimutu ri 400
3 Days / 2 Nights

private tour - guide - car - accommodation only

A three day overland tour to the Spiderweb Rice Fields and Ruteng, to Bajawa with its Megalith-Village Bena and to the Three Crater Lakes of Mt. Kelimutu. The final destination is Ende. The tour is designed for sightseeing travellers who have not much time anymore to explore all the Highlights of Flores. We will see the most important and most interesting highlights of Flores on this tour.  

 Starting point is Labuan Bajo. 

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Highlights of Flores

bena1 4009 Days / 8 Nights
all inclusive

Flores might be one of the less frequently visited islands in eastern Indonesia, but it still has a very well defined tourist trail taking in almost all of the attractions as Ikat weaving, traditional villages, hot springs,  impressive rice fields and breathtaking volcanoes and lakes. The tour follows the amusingly named Trans-Flores Highway, winding and often little more than single track in places.

Starting point is Maumere. 

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Spiderweb Rice Fields and Hobbit Cave

spiderweb rice fields canca1 Day
sightseeing tour - all inclusive - public or private tour

A one day sightseeing tour to the Spiderweb rice fields, the hobbit cave and the traditional village Ruteng Pu'u close by the mountain town Ruteng. Your guide will show you the beauty of the Manggaraian Hill Country.
Starting point is Labuan Bajo. 

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The Hidden Treasure - Cave Rangko

rangko cave labuan bajo flores Half day sightseeing tour
Private tour, 1 to 7 people
For a long time the majestic Rangko Cave was an insider tip for travelers who were closely associated with the locals in Labuan Bajo. It was hard to get there and always a well kept secret. Rangko Cave is a rocky cavern with crystal clear water and lots of stalagmites and stalagtites. On a half day tour by car and boat we are going to explore this gorgeous cavern in a meanwhile more easy way. A spectacular wonderful nature-phenomenon awaits us!  

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News Flash Komodo and Flores

  • New Komodo National Park fees for 2023

    23 June 2023-4774 hit(s)
    Finally and unexpected new Komodo National Park fees for 2023 are published by the central government: Fees have increased drastically, affecting families in particular. The new fees became officially...
  • Komodo National Park fees increase in...

    03 August 2022-1623 hit(s)
    Update: As on August 3rd 2022 the Indonesian government has revoked the increase of the Komodo Ntional Park fees. All will remain the same as beore August 2022. ----     not valid anymore     --------- The Ko...
  • Rinca Island in the Komodo National Pa...

    19 June 2021-5172 hit(s)
    Sad news reached us today for all Komodo National Park visitor who wants to go to Rinca Island. Rinca Island will be closed until July 2021 due to current constructions. All other islands can still be...