Wae Rebo Traditional Village

Labuan Bajo Wae Rebo (round trip)
Duration: 2 Days
Scale: 1 - 7 people
From: Labuan Bajo
Tour size: 7
To: Wae Rebo (round trip)
Languages: English, Indonesian
Transportations: Car or Van Hiking
A public two day tour to Wae Rebo. It is the last remaining traditional Manggaraian ethnic village where still traditional houses exists and where people still live like their ancestors thousands of years ago.

Wae Rebo is the last remaining traditional Manggaraian ethnic village where still traditional houses exists and where people still live like their ancestors thousands of years ago. It is located at an altitude of 1,125 meters above sea level in the Nature Conservation Forest. There are seven traditional houses, the so called 'Mbaru Tembong' and each of these houses hosts more than one family. The people live on agricultural products as coffee, taro and vegetables.

Early in the morning we leave Labuan Bajo and travel up to the mountains with beautiful panoramic views, villages and rice fields. On a beautiful resting place we take a break and unpack our lunch package. Time to enjoy the beauty of the nature and the tranquility. In the early afternoon we arrive at Denge, a small village on the food of the mountain- our starting point for the four to five hours hike to Wae Rebo.

We hike up hill through the rain forest and reach Wae Lomba, a creek. The first stop after about one hour hiking from Denge. Sometimes we can hear the voices of Asian Paradise Flycatchers and other etrekking-waerebondemic birds. We proceed to Post 2 at Pocoroko with picturesque views towards the Sawu Sea in the south. It is the last place for cellular phone connection services. The last stop is at Nampe Bakok, a place where we have a complete view over the traditional village of Wae Rebo. Breathtaking!

Just before sunset we arrive at Wae Rebo. The head of the village - usually the eldest man in the village - welcomes us in his house with open arms. However, we need to ask for a permit first to enter the village and whether we will be welcomed. After our guide getting the permit the villages elderly men hold a welcome ceremony for us in manggaraian language. Don't worry. Our guide will translate it for you.  

waerebo13-26-250Afterwards we get accompanied by villagers to the traditional manggaraian guest house where we set up our camp for the night possibly with other guests who arrived today. The round house can accommodate up to 25 people. 
Meanwhile the local women have started to cook with fire wood in the adjacent kitchen. Who like to assist doesn't need a special invitation. Everybody is welcomed! After enjoying our dinner of traditional simple food we sleep on woven gras mattresses arranged in form of a circle. Good night! The ghosts of the ancestors of the village will protect you!

Day 2: WAE REBO - LABUAN BAJO or RUTENGtrekking-waerebo13-11-250
After an early breakfast which the traditional women prepare for us, we say good bye to the villagers which we have grown fond of in only one day. We leave the village and trek the same way back downhill to Denge. We jump in to the car and depart either to Ruteng or back to Labuan Bajo. Lunch we take on the route. We arrive in Labuan Bajo in the evening or in Ruteng in the afternoon.

We travel by an air conditioned car or van to the starting point of our hiking tour in Denge. 

Difficulty of the Hike
It is always hard to judge the difficulty of a hike. The hiking trail is in the first part very wide. Stones and fallen trees sometimes block the trail and we have to jump over it. The second part of the trail is a small path, in parts very steep and winding up to the montain. The third trail is much smaller as the second one, but it descends slightly to the village of Waerebo. In rainy season or after a big rain shower in dry season the trails could be very moody. Please wear good trekking shoes. 

Hike distance: apprx. 6 km
Hike duration uphill: apprx. 4 hours depending on your condition
Hike duration downhill: apprx. 3 hours 
Hike classification: minimum beginners in a medium and good condition.

Wae Rebo: We stay in one of the traditional manggaraian roundhouses together with other guests. Each house consists only of one room and can accommodate around 30 guests. We sleep on natural, thin matrasses. Pillows and blankets are provided. Toiletry is not provided. There is no electricity in Wae Rebo except in the evening when a generator will run. 

Food: The food in Wae Rebo as well as the lunch package are traditional and basic. Water, tea or coffee is provided. Vegeterian food on request

Luggage, equipment and clothing
We reccommend to bring a small backpack. If it is possible leave your suitcases in Labuan Bajo. During the hike one porter accompanies us and he can carry some of your luggage.
Walking sticks are good but not necessary. 
You can wear trekking shoes or in dry season sandals which are closed behind the foot chop. After a rain shower the trek is always very slippery. Therefore trekking shoes are more reccommended. 
During the night, especially from June to September, it could be chilly in the mountains (13°C/55.4 F). We reccommend to bring a light pullover or jacket and a light rain coat.
Don't forget your toiletry. There is a possibility to wash one self. But there is no shower and only cold water.  






From / per person

IDR 2.800.000
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Departs at
7 participants left
Important information
* Hotel pick up and drop off in Labuan Bajo
* Air conditoned car or van
* English speaking guide who is also the driver
* Local porter during the hike
* Donation
* One overnight in Wae Rebo together with other guests in one house/room
* One lunch package, 1 lunch, 1 dinner and 1 breakfast
* Coffee,tea and mineral water
* Parking fee
* Flight tickets and hotel
* Dinner on day two
* Tips
* Personal expences
Cancellation and no-show or late arrival:
- before or on the day of departure no deposit refund

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