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road condition Trans-Flores-HighwayThe Trans-Flores-Highway, a small road which is winding up and down across Flores, connects Labuan Bajo in the west with Larantuka in the east. The road is new paved and  more or less in a good condition. Nevertheless there are always some road constructions in some areas due to falling rocks, land slices, slope stabilisation or enlargements.

Even the road seems to be in a good condition, you have to be aware of possibly deep holes behind curves or steep ascendings. So please slow down in front of curves and be patient. The pavement doesn't have a very good quality and after heavy rainfalls during the rainy season the water could crack the pavement.

During the dry season the streets in the mountains are sometimes covered with a very thin layer of dust or sand. As a motorbike rider be especially careful. These roads are slippery.

Please note for a distance of 100 km on the Trans-Flores-Highway you approximately need three hours by car.

Almost all other roads in Flores are unpaved as you can say "dirt roads" with a lot of holes, soil, rocks or big stones. One needs a strong car with a good suspension to travel on it. During rainy season they are almost not accessable by vehicles. At least you need a four-wheel-drive.

Current Road Status Report
updated 01-06-2023

Section Km Travel Time* Condition Remarks
Labuan Bajo to Ruteng 127 3 hrs 30 min 1 (2) mainly status 1, partly status 2, a lot of curves 
Ruteng to Bajawa 130 4 hrs 2 (1) mainly status 2, partly status 1
Bajawa to Ende 158 4 hrs 1, 2  road in the mountain from Bajawa to the cost status 1, partly 2, coastal road to Ende status 2
Ende to Moni 59 1 hr 30 min 2-3 only ascending respectiv descending. Aware of land slices! During December to February the road could be closed for some days due to land slices.
Moni to Kelimutu 17 45 min 2 the road is very small and winding
Moni to Maumere 125 3 hrs 30 min 2 --
Maumere to Larantuka 147 4 hrs 1,2 --
Larantuka to Lake Waileben (Danau Asmara) 80 1,5 hr 1 very good condition, but a small asphalt road, no traffic
Motong Wolo to Rota Beach 35 1 hr 2,4 partly asphalt, partly graveled and dirt road, use of scooters not  reccommended
Rota Beach to Larantuka 35  1 hr 1,2 --
Rota beach to Maumere along the north coast 50  2 1,2,4

along the north coast partly dirt, graveled and asphalt road
after the junction where the coastal road meets the main road to Larantuka at Nebe very good asphalt road  

Maumere to Mbay (north route) of Flores  200 6 1,2,3,4,5

Maumere to the junction heading to the west very good and scenic asphalt road
from the junction to Mbay (north route) partly asphalt and graveled or dirt road, almost flat, strictly reccommended not driving in the night as there are difficult parts to pass and holes in the street. A car should avoid this road as unexperienced drivers in this region cannot pass the holes. Bike possible. Scooters not reccommended.

Ende to Mbay   4 hrs 3 --
Mbay to Riung   1 hr 2 flat but very narrow, bushes along the road grow over the road
Bajawa to Riung 76 2 hrs 1,2 Road in very good to medium contition in some parts
Labuan Bajo to Sano Ngoang 72 3 hrs 2, 4, 5

Road from the Trans-Flores Highway via Cunca Rami to Sano Ngoang only for four-wheel-drives or strong motorbikes (5)

road from the Trans-Flores Highway at Bambor to Sano Ngoang partly steep roads, partly asphalt, partly dirt road, be aware of potholes (4)

Labuan Bajo to Cunca Wulang 29 1 hr 2, 3 road from the Trans-Flores Highway to Cunca Wulang partly paved and potholes
 Labuan Bajo to Cunca Rami  35 1 hr 40 min 2, 5

road from the Trans-Flores Highway to Cunca Rami almost dirt-road. In some parts one have to get off the bike if one travel with 2 people on the bike, big holes and steep roads with lots of stones, often slippery

absolutely not recommended for scooters, heavy street bikes and sedan cars

Solor Island -- -- 3,4,5

partly broken asphalt and dirt roads
No accommodations on Solor. Be aware! People are not used to see western people. They are shy and not very open. Some people don't feel very comfortable and feel spied on when one likes to talk to them.  

*pure travel time without any stops

Raiting Key

Condition Description
1 Roads made of asphalt and in very good conditions Easy to access and to travel by scooter, motorbike and car.
2 Roads made of asphalt and in good conditions. Occasuanally there are some holes. But it occurs very seldome. However beware of rockfall!
3 Roads made of asphalt. Often they are bumpy or there are deep holes especially at steep ascendents. Road constructions could occur.
4 Usually graveled roads or sometimes there are some slight remains of a former asphalt cover. Very bumpy and deep holes. These roads usually can be driven by normal cars or motorbikes during the dry and rainy season. However a four-wheel-drive vehicle is recommended during rainy season and after big rain falls.
5 Usually graveled roads or dirt roads. Sometimes there are some slight remains of a former asphalt cover. These roads can be only driven by a four-wheel-drive. It is possible to travel by light dirt motorbikes (Enduro). However sometimes one has to get off the bike and move it by hand. Scooters, steet- and touring motorbikes as well as sedan cars are absolutely not recommended.

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