Travel Advice for Flores and Komodo

Komodo National Park Fee 2023

komodo national park sign An overview of the new Komodo National Park fees and other National Park and entrance fees on Flores for 2023 valid from 22nd of June 2023. The Province East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) in Indonesia has many National Parks and Nature Conservation areas. The most significants are located in the area of Flores and Komodo as there are Komodo National Park, Thousand Islands National Park and Kelimutu National Park. To enter the parks you have to purchase several tickets and if you like to do also activities in the parks i. e. snorkeling, diving or hiking there is an additional fee for each activity you like to do. The validity of the tickets is one day. No children discount is offered.

Komodo National Park Fees

Boats and Ferries in Komodo and Flores

boat komod national parkThere are a number of ferries and boats operating with regular schedules to West Flores from Java, Bali, Lombok, Sumba, Sumbawa, West-Timor, Bira and Makassar. Unfortunately departure time and dates change frequently.

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Motorbike- and Scooter Rental on Flores

Motorbike rental and scooter rental in Flores Labuan Bajo MaumereMotorbike rental and scooter rental even one way rentals are very popular on Flores. Labuan Bajo has many motorbike and scooter rental stations. At some places you can also rent Enduros as well as big trekking- and touring bikes. In comparison to it, Maumere got only one bigger rental station.

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Road Condition on Flores

road condition floresFlores has an extensive road network with different characteristics. The main road, the so-called Trans-Flores-Highway, connects Labuan Bajo in the west with Larantuka in the east of the island. It is winding up and down across Flores, new paved and  more or less in a good condition. Back roads lead mostly as dead ends to the villages in the mountains. They are are usually unpaved and difficult to drive. However a few paved and unpaved roads connects the main road to the villages on the coastline in the north and south. You can check the conditions of each road section in our road condition table.

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Public Transport in Flores

otokol 400As further you travel to the east of Indonesia as more difficult it will be to find public transportation. In Flores it is very common to rent a private car with driver.  Nevertheless it is possible to explore Flores by public transportation if you don't have a tight schedule. You should be also very flexible in your itinerary. It might be that you cannot reach your final destination on the day you have expected. It is often an adventure, but one of the good ones.  

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Best Travel Time for Komodo and Flores

flores ende riung climate 400The best time to visit Flores and Komodo Island is from mid April to mid of October during dry season. During this time there is a steady fresh wind from Australia and it is not very humid on Flores. Rain is rare and can cause water problems in some regions. It is the best time for snorkeling, diving on the north side of the Komodo National Park and for overland tours across Flores.

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Flights and Airports in Flores

airport labuan bajoFlores can be reached either from Jakarta (CGK), Bali (DPS), Makassar (UJP), Surabaya (SUB), Lombok (LOB) or from Kupang (KOE) in West-Timur by plane. There are daily direct flights.

There are not yet international airports on Flores. At the moment only small airplanes, about 50 to 80 seaters can land on the airports in Flores. The landing strips are still too short for bigger aircrafts. Maumere and Labuan Bajo got new modern airports in 2015. In the near future bigger jets with more passenger capacities will be able to land on these two airports as well.


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What to Bring to Flores and Komodo



Kindly bring light baggage due to the limited space on the aircraft and land transport. It is better not to bring large suitcases but soft cover bags and overnight carriers. It is advised to pack light and appropriate clothing. It is recommended you wear sneakers or rubber soled shoes. Bring along jackets and pullovers for the visit to the high altitude destinations such as Kelimutu, Bajawa and Ruteng.

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Hotel Standards in Flores

hotel floresAs Flores and Komodo were still an insider tip at the turn of the century, the infrastructure and hotel situation was still very modest. It was only at the beginning of the second half of the second decade, with the increase in visitors, that more and more investors discovered Flores and Komodo and rapid development began. In the meantime, at least Labuan Bajo has a variety of accommodations, from cranky backpacker dormetries to world-class hotels. 

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Car Rental on Flores

car rental Flores - Suzuki APVCar rental is very popular to get around on Flores. However, most rentl services offer a car with driver as self driving is not yet common. In our opinion to rent a car with driver makes more sence as it is really difficult driving on roads of Flores and one doesn't get lost because lacks of signs. Most car rental stations are located in Labuan Bajo. One way rental is possible. 

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News Flash Komodo and Flores

  • New Komodo National Park fees for 2023

    23 June 2023-4340 hit(s)
    Finally and unexpected new Komodo National Park fees for 2023 are published by the central government: Fees have increased drastically, affecting families in particular. The new fees became officially...
  • Komodo National Park fees increase in...

    03 August 2022-1559 hit(s)
    Update: As on August 3rd 2022 the Indonesian government has revoked the increase of the Komodo Ntional Park fees. All will remain the same as beore August 2022. ----     not valid anymore     --------- The Ko...
  • Rinca Island in the Komodo National Pa...

    19 June 2021-5098 hit(s)
    Sad news reached us today for all Komodo National Park visitor who wants to go to Rinca Island. Rinca Island will be closed until July 2021 due to current constructions. All other islands can still be...