On this page you can find some frequent asked questions (FAQs).

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You take a shuttle car from the airport. The lockers where you can get this service are located in the arrival hall. The costs are about 60,000 IDR per load for a standard car within Labuan Bajo city area. The prices are fixed. Some hotels offer a free pick-up service. Please contact your hotel. You also can take an ojek (motorbike taxi) if you go outside of the airport. Expect about 20,000 IDR per person within the city area. Travelers with no luggage might walk to the main road as the airport is close to the tourist center. Ask for the direction.

Yes. Children have to pay the full Komodo National Park fee amount.

Foreigeners with KITAS or KITAP have to pay the full amount. No discount.

The amount of the National Park fee is based on week days, your activities in the Park and which islands you like to visit. During working-days you have to calculatate about 380,000 IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) per day and person which is about 24 EUR or 26 USD or 21 GBP or 2.800 JPY or 112 MYR or 27 SGD or 187 CNY.  On sundays and National Holidyas the fee increases about 100.000 IDR (7 USD). A detailed fee structure you can find at Flores Komodo Expedition on the page Komodo National Park fees.

News Flash Komodo and Flores

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    23 June 2023-4783 hit(s)
    Finally and unexpected new Komodo National Park fees for 2023 are published by the central government: Fees have increased drastically, affecting families in particular. The new fees became officially...
  • Komodo National Park fees increase in...

    03 August 2022-1626 hit(s)
    Update: As on August 3rd 2022 the Indonesian government has revoked the increase of the Komodo Ntional Park fees. All will remain the same as beore August 2022. ----     not valid anymore     --------- The Ko...
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    19 June 2021-5175 hit(s)
    Sad news reached us today for all Komodo National Park visitor who wants to go to Rinca Island. Rinca Island will be closed until July 2021 due to current constructions. All other islands can still be...