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Rumors Closure Komodo National Park

komodo dragon closedWhat about the rumors that the Komodo National Park will soon be closed?

It is one of the options that is considered by the ministry, the administration and the politicians. The new idea is that the National Park should not be closed for tourists as an entire unit, but only the island Komodo, which is the largest in the National Park and home to apprx. 1,400 Komodo dragons (Komodo Warane).

The reason for the closure of Komodo Island is that the dragons should be protected and that the amount of dragons recovers in this one year. Whether this is possible in such a short time of closure is certainly questionable from a scientific point of view and is not up to our judgment.

 The follow-up question that results from this fact why they do not close the entire National Park if the nature is really in danger? On the smaller island of Rinca which is also located in the Komodo National Park live about as much Komodo dragons as on the larger sister island Komodo. Also the many, countless coral reefs, shimmering in bright colors are visited daily by more than thousands of divers and snorkelers. Do not these reefs also need a break to recover?

Actually the fact is that the decision-makers take in consideration to close only the island of Komodo for tourists from January 2020 for a year. That means it is not confirmed yet.

National Park visitors would still be able to move to the island of Rinca instead of Komodo. In our opinion Rinca is much nicer and more interesting. On Rinca you have always had the greater chance of seeing Komodos in the wild. Whether this sudden rush on Rinca is good for its nature and what impact it has on flora and fauna will only be comprehensible in the future.

If the island of Komodo is really getting closed in 2020, it will have little impact on any restrictions on visitor activities in the National Park. Snorkeling, scuba diving hiking and watching Komodo Dragons are still possible.
The immense increase in the Komodo National Park fees, which has been announced in many media worldwide, will not happen for the time being.  

In a summary: Almost everything remains the same! 



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