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Rumors Closure Komodo

komodo national park not closedWhat about the rumors that the Komodo National Park will soon be closed or at least the number of visitors gets limited 

The latest idea of the authorities of the Komodo National Park is to implement a membership system for tourists coming to Komodo Island. The National Park itself doesn't get closed. Only the number of visitors to Komodo Island might be regulated by an annual fee of US$ 1,000 per person. But at the moment the old prices are still valid. This will probably not change anymore this year as the number of tourists has declined almost to zero due to the Corona crisis 

The island of Komodo, which is the largest in the National Park, is home of apprx. 1,400 Komodo Dragons (Komodo Waran).

The reason for the limitation of the amount of vistors to Komodo Island is that the dragons should be protected and should recover within the next years. 

Visitors who like to visit Komodo Island have to apply for an annual membership card which will be issued by the local National Park administration in Labuan Bajo. The annual fee is USD 1,000 per person. 
This new system shall brand Komodo Island as a "Premium Tourist Destination" in Indonesia according to "The Jakarta Post". The membership system shall be introduced this year. The exact date is not yet known.  

National Park visitors who don't want to purchase a Komodo Island membership will be redirected to the island of Rinca. In our opinion Rinca is much nicer and more interesting than Komodo. On Rinca you get always a better chance to see Komodos in the wild nature.

But anyway, if suddenly every tourist is only allowed to visit Rinca for a reasonable fee then it might get very crowded on Rinca in the future. What impact this sudden rush has on flora and fauna on Rinca will become apparent in the future.

In case the island of Komodo is really getting limited to a certain amount of visitors in the future, it will have little impact on any restrictions on visitor activities in the National Park: Snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking and watching Komodo Dragons. All will be still possible.

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