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Online Registration and eHAC for Flores and Komodo Visitors

online registration labuan bajoUpdate: It is not anymore necessary to do an online registration for travellers who want to visit Flores. Just go and follow the Covid-19 health regulations. 

On 1st of July 2020 authorities of Labuan Bajo/Flores and Komodo implemented an online registration system for visitors travelling to Flores and the Komodo National Park. On the online registration form for Flores and Komodo you and your accompanying travelers have to fill in some personal data and upload medical certificates and proofs of your health insurance.

Furthermore you have to mention on the online registration form which tourist places you want to visit and what vehicle do you use for travel. You have also to submit your travel itinerary of your journey to Labuan Bajo. If all your data on your online registration form gets approved, the Tourist Information Board will send a notification of validity via email. 

In case you are interested in marine tourism you must use a registered tour agent. Unfortunately the names of the agents which are allowed to organise tours are not published yet by the Labuan Bajo tourism board. Anyway, Flores Komodo Expedition is one of them.

It was said that the online registration system was intended to limit the number of visitors to ensure the park's preservation, which is also in line with the "new normal" health protocols on physical distancing. 

Beside online registration for Flores and Komodo, you have to carry several documents with you, such as an electronic health alert card (eHAC), proof of insurance and an identity card/passport. All mentioned travel documents, certificates and proofs must be printed out, including the proof of your online registration. They have to be presented when you arrive at Komodo Airport.
eHAC Indonesia is an app for mobile smart phones. Android users can download the eHAC on google play. iPhone users can get eHAC on apple app store. The Health Alert Card is mandatory for travelers who want to enter Indonesia from a country where still exists a Covid-19 pandemic. Using this app you have to reveal many private things about you.   
If you are unable or you don't like to install the app on your smart phone, you must either fill out the printed HAC form manually assisted by an Indonesian officer or fill out the eHAC form on the Indonesian website using either your own device or a provided laptop on arrival in Indonesia.

Everything sounds quiet complicated and a spontanious trip to Flores seems to be not possible anymore. Important will be the online registration in future.

Discussions about the annual membership plan for visitors to the Premium Destination Komodo Island are still ongoing between the administration, the Environment- and Forestry Ministry.

We keep you up to date! 

All above mentioned information is without guarantee and details are subject to change at any time without notice.


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