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BnB IZZI - Toraja-Sulawesi

hotel floresIf you plan to travel from Bali or Lombok to Flores and Komodo, maybe you  are thinking about visiting Tanah Toraja in South-Sulawesi as well. Due to the recently new opened flight route Labuan Bajo on West-Flores (LBJ) to Makassar (UPG) it is now much easier to add Toraja to your travel itinerary. You won't have anymore a transit in Bali. We reccommend, if you still have a little bit time, not to miss the still authentic buginese area of Sidrap, known as the "rice warehouse" of Indonesia or also as "Mango Country", located midway between Makassar and Toraja. 

Taking a flight from Labuan Bajo in the late afternoon at 17:45, you will arrive at Makassar airport about 18:50 in the evening. It will be too late to travel to Tanah Toraja, except you booked already a seat in one of the overland busses leaving from Terminal Daya. 

Arriving in Makassar you have the following options:
 - Public Damri bus to downtown Makassar
 - Stay in one of the accommodation close to the airport
 - Travel directly to the bus station between airport and Makassar to catch a bus to Rantepao, the main city in Toraja (you need an online pre-reservation) 
Indeed there is another and more comfortable option, if you like also the remote area of Sidrap with all its attractions,. Sidrap is located between Makassar and Toraja. We recommend to stay one or  two days at BnB IZZI. If you are looking for an authentic place to stay in a-non touristical and rural tropical area then you should visit BnB Rumah IZZI. This traditional buginese BnB had opened in the year 2017 in a village in the Regency of Sidereng Rappang, around 210 km north of Makassar. Before you head to Tanah Toraja, just stop by and explore the wonderful nature for some days. Your host Zainuddin will assist and host you personally. With him you experience the real culture of the Suku Bugis tribe among local people. Zainuddin speaks fluently Dutch, German and a little bit French. He rent out scooters and he also like to accompany you to the main attractions of his area which is still untouched by tourists. Of course, if you wish, Zain also can guide you in Toraja. Just ask him for more information without any commitment on his Whatsapp number  +62 821 9362 9445. He will be happy to give you useful information. 

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