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Wanua Adventure Tour
On a wooden buginese boat you travel from Labuan Bajo to Lombok and the Gilis or vice versa. Four days respectively three nights with several stop overs for snorkeling, sightseeing or hiking. check it out Wanua Adventure Tour

Standard Boats sleeping on the deck

Standard Boats - sleeping on the deck

are boats with two engines to cross the strong currents around Komodo.  On the the front deck there are chairs and a table. In the rear are a small kitchen and a toilet - indonesian or western style. On some boats you can climb up to the roof to take a sunbath. There are no mattresses and we wouldn't call it sundeck.  In the evening the crew put mattresses, blankets and pillows on the front deck.
Most boats can accommodate up to 4 people maximum. There are only two boats which can take maximum 6 people.

To protect you from rain, the site curtains of the boat can be let down. Of course, if there is a really heavy rain shower, the curtains are not 100% waterproof in the parts where they are overlapping. 

Fresh water for taking a shower is provided in a tank or bucket in the front or at the rear. You shower in the traditional indonesian stlye with a ladle of water which you pour over your body.

FKE cannot guarantee at time of booking which one of the Standard Boat Deck you get. We only guarantee the boat Class "Standard Boat Deck".

deckboat standard 600 1    

The photos of the boats are only examples which describes the style or category of the boat class. It is not guranteed that you get exactly one of these displayed boats, if you book an overnight tour. You get a boat of this class.

We don't provide Economy-Boats for security and cleanlyness reasons.

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