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Wanua Adventure Tour
On a wooden buginese boat you travel from Labuan Bajo to Lombok and the Gilis or vice versa. Four days respectively three nights with several stop overs for snorkeling, sightseeing or hiking. check it out Wanua Adventure Tour

Standard Boats with cabins

have one to two cabins to accommodate one to four persons. In the rear is a small kitchen and on some boats the dining area. The bathroom is either in the rear or beside the cabins. The toilets are western style where you can sit on. But please don't expect flush toilets. The shower is either a bucket with a ladle (the indonesian tradional way to shower) or a hand shower which operates by an electrical pump. The location oft he sitting area depends on the style of the boat. It is either in the rear or in the front. On some boats where the cabins are installed in the hull of the boat, you can sit on the roof of the cabin. Due to this boat style most space of the boat is occupied by cabins. The sitting area is usually small in comparison to the Deck-Boats.

Standard Boats with a cabin could have a sundeck as well. But we cannpt gurantee it. The cabins are small and simple and equipped with one bunk bed in each cabin, blankets, pillows and a fan.  Electricity is proved by generators only in the evening and not during the night. You can charge your camera or mobile phone batteries with 220 V. Luggage has to be stored in a separate place. We recommend to take not so much luggage with you.

FKE cannot guarantee at time of booking which one of the Standard Boats with cabins you get. We only guarantee the boat Class "Standard Boat with Cabin".

standard boat cabin1 standard boat cabin2
 standard boat cabin3  standard cabin9
 standard boat cabin4  standard boat cabin5
 standard boat cabin7  standard boat cabin6
 standard cabin11  standard boat cabin8


The photos of the boats are only examples which describes the style or category of the boat class. It is not guranteed that you get exactly one of these displayed boats, if you book an overnight tour. You get a boat of this class.

We don't provide Economy Class Cabin Boats for cleanlyness and safety reasons.

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