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Wanua Adventure Tour
On a wooden buginese boat you travel from Labuan Bajo to Lombok and the Gilis or vice versa. Four days respectively three nights with several stop overs for snorkeling, sightseeing or hiking. check it out Wanua Adventure Tour

Landtransportation in Flores

Public Bus

Public busses operate from city to city. They depart and arrive via public bus stations usually located far outside of the towns. Exact time schedules are not available and busses will only depart once all seats are occupied. Usually the busses in Flores are overcrowded and there will be a lot of luggage and also travellers on the roofs of the busses. These customers usually can travel for a tenth of the regular price. Be aware of your luggage which is stored on the roof. If you don´t lock it, it might happen that things get lost.


Truk Kayu - Wood Sided Truck

These trucks operate mainly in remote areas where their high wheel base and sturdy construction are well-suited to poor road conditions. The Indonesian word "Kayu" means wood and it denotes the wooden sides and wooden benches used for passenger seating in the back of the trucks. "Truk Kayu" is the major form of transport for local residents in rural areas. When visiting West Flores be sure to enjoy the exciting experience of traveling on a "Truk Kayu".



Travel Companies provide comfortable minibusses for covering longer distances from one city to another. These busses operate on fixed routes and generally drives from point to point with no intermediate stops.  The minibusses will, however, pick-up and drop-off passenger at their departure/arrival addresses. This is a relatively popular and comfortable way to travel among visitors and locals for reasonable prices.

Private Cars which operate as shared Taxis

Private cars and minivans as Suzuki ATV operate as shared taxis from terminal to terminal of each city. They can be identified by a yellow registration plate. There are no exact time schedules and you have to stop them on the street by show of hands. Before you enter the car ask first for the price. As the income of the driver depends on the amount of the customers most drivers attend to take more customers as seats are available. Therefore a four hours trip could become very uncomfortable. It is recommended to travel only with small luggage in private taxi cars. Private taxi cars drive always very fast and many steep winding roads make many passengers “sea-sick” so they become violently ill. In the worst case the car has to stop every 5 kilometer as it happened when I travelled from Bajawa to Ruteng.

Private Car Rental

Privately rented cars are by fare the most convenient form of individual travel. Rental is typically on a "per day". The Trans-Flores route is well known to most drivers. Some drivers are also familiar with Bima-Sumbawa and Lombok-Bali routes.
It's recommended that you rent a car with a driver and guide in advance because rental cars are limited in Flores. If you need a pre-reservation or want to book a st tour go ahead

Pre-Reservation  of a rental car


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