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Flores at a Glance
, 7 days
Labuan Bajo to Maumere
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Highlights of Flores, 9 days
Maumere to Labuan Bajo
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Highlights of Flores

megalith-villages-floresThe trail follows the amusingly named Trans-Flores Highway, winding and often little more than single track in places. A scheduled nine days tour to Maumere, the Three Crater Lakes of Mt. Kelimutu, Riung, the 17 Islands National Park, Bajawa with its Megalith-Villages and Hot Springs, to Ruteng, Labuan Bajo and the Komodo National Park. Starting point is Maumere. Departure Dates are fixed.

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Flores at a Glance

kelimutu-125 2154A scheduled eight days tour to the Komodo National Park, to Ruteng, Bajawa with its Megalith-Villages, the Three Crater Lakes of Mt. Kelimutu and to Maumere. Starting point is Labuan Bajo. Departure Dates are fixed.

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