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Wanua Adventure Tour
On a wooden buginese boat you travel from Labuan Bajo to Lombok and the Gilis or vice versa. Four days respectively three nights with several stop overs for snorkeling, sightseeing or hiking. check it out Wanua Adventure Tour

Booking and Payment Procedure

You can make a booking by E-mail or using our homepage. We do need your full name, address and nationality. We don't except bookings by texting or phone call.

Confirmation and Invoice
Along with our written confirmation letter you get an invoice. We ask for a down payment or deposit to confirm your reservation from your site. The down payment will be stated in Indonesian Rupiah or US$ or Euro. If we don't get the deposit in time or if we don't get any deposit, we have the right to cancel your reservation.  

Down Payment

We reccomend to do a payment by transferWise. TransferWise is a payment system with extremely low transfer costs. It is easy to handle. You can either do a payment via transferWise using your local bank account or by credit card. You and we will safe a lot of transfer fees and avoid hidden costs compared to wiring money by standard banks. To set up an account is very easy.

Banks set their own exchange rates. TransferWise gives you the real exchange rate, also known as the mid-market rate. The exchange rate is guaranteed as long TransferWise receives your money in 24 hours. TransferWise charges only 1.5% of the amount to be sent.

And how does TransferWise works?
The difference to normal bank transfers lies in how TransferWise routes the payment. Instead of transfering the sender's money directly to the recipient, it is redirected to the recipient of an equivalent transfer going in the opposite direction. Likewise, the recipient of the transfer receives a payment not from the sender initiating the transfer, but from the sender of the equivalent transfer. This process avoids costly currency conversion and transfers crossing borders.

In the United Staes of America it is not possible to use Transferwise for sending money abroad.

The down payment can also be paid by PayPal with a 5.2 % PayPal fee which we will add to your down payment amount.

Balance Payment
The balance has to be paid at least one day before the tour starts at our office in Labuan Bajo. We only accept cash in Indonesian Rupiah. Cash payment in other currencies only on request during time of booking.

Credit Cards
Unfortunately we are not able to accept credit cards at the moment.

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