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Wanua Adventure Tour
On a wooden buginese boat you travel from Labuan Bajo to Lombok and the Gilis or vice versa. Four days respectively three nights with several stop overs for snorkeling, sightseeing or hiking. check it out Wanua Adventure Tour

Best Travel Time for Flores

The best time to visit Flores and Komodo Island is from May to mid of October during dry season. During this time there is a steady fresh wind from Australia and it is not very humid in Flores. Rain is rare and can cause water problems in some regions. It is the best time for snorkeling, diving on the north side of the Komodo National Park and for overland tours.

During the transition times from mid October to the end of December respectively March to the end of April it starts to rain almost every day in the afternoon in the countryside and in the mountains. However in Maumere and Labuan Bajo - located at the ocean - rain is not expected every day and there are still enough sunny days for a beach holiday and a nice trip to Komodo, Rinca or Seraya. The transition seasons in East Flores starts two too three weeks later and ends usually earlier than in Westflores.
Overland tours are still recommended with sometimes only small limitations.

In the absolute rainy season from January to the end of February it could rain almost every day. Especially in the afternoon and at night. These months can be very stormy and cause high waves. However, this is different from year to year. In the mountains it rains lasting accordingly. It is the best time to dive on the south side of the Komodo National Park.

During this time some destinations in the countryside are only accessable by four wheel drives or trucks. We don't recommend overlandtours during this season.

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